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52 burrito dates

by Richard FitzGerald in News

At this year’s London Twestival I won a year’s supply of burritos from Chilango Mexican Kitchen, who had donated the prize in the aid of Concern. It being a Twitter festival, people found out that I had won the prize pretty quickly and some began requesting burritos. Realising that eating all of the 365 meals myself would be both challenging and lonely, I decided, generously, to share the prize.

So, I’ve started a new blog with a simple objective, to tell the story of my first year in London, as a young, single Irish guy and my experience of taking 52 girls on 52 burrito dates, relying solely on social media to get the word out.

It’s surprising how many good looking, single and/or hungry girls there are out there. Since announcing the start of my odyssey to the world three weeks ago, I’ve been deluged with entertaining Tweets, Facebook messages and emails requesting burrito dates, some from as far away as China (hi Holly!).

I’m not sure what the three dates so far imply for the year ahead. The first brought a friend along for protection, on the second I was stood up by a girl I went on to accidentally call a prostitute, and on the third I found myself chasing my date around the streets of north London. The burritos have been consistently good at least.

So if you’d like to be seduced by the combined charms of the Emerald Isle and jalapeños, or know a girl who would, you know where to find me.

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I am Simon. I am social

by Simon Collister in News Google+

PR WeekSo this week’s edition of PR Week has hit desks and if you haven’t read it yet then you will have missed the news that I’ve joined We Are Social. The news is awesome for a couple of reasons, both personal and professional.

First the professional: I’ve been watching We Are Social grow over the past year and a bit and have been impressed by both the clients they’re working with and the work they’re doing. Seriously. Now I’m on the inside I continue to be blown away by the briefs that come through the door and the work that goes out.

That may sound overly sycophantic but it’s a genuine response. The work that’s being planned and delivered at We Are Social is the kind that you don’t believe exists working on the PR agency side. Clearly brands and organisations want to understand social media and its impact on their reputation. But it seems they aren’t turning to their PR agency to deliver this work, instead seeking out a team of people that live and breathe social media every day. Which on reflection, is no surprise

On a personal level I’m really happy to be planning and delivering real, juicy, smart, social media campaigns, rather than bolting on digital tactics which was often the case when working to a PR brief.

Add to that the fact that I’m tasked with growing the public sector, NGO and not-for-profit work that We Are Social does means I’m working with sectors with which I have a deep personal affinity (in case you aren’t overly familiar with my LinkedIn profile I started out in PR working for NGOs). Moreover, social media comes to the fore when empowering organisations and individuals to deliver issues-based campaigns and citizen engagement.

So that’s the news. I’ve joined We Are Social. I’m excited. You can see it in my tweets. I’m going to Twestival. I’ve started blogging again. I am, as Manuel Castells might say, back in the space of flows.

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Twestival Paris

by Sandrine Plasseraud in News Google+

It took me and the team three days to recover from organising the Twestival but here we are, back to London and to work so here is our summary of the first ever Twestival in Paris…

Last Thursday morning, as most of us were just waking up in Paris and in Europe, on the other side of the world Nathan (@deliciousmedia) was already welcoming the first participants of the Sydney Twestival. Later on that day, part of the We Are Social team i.e. Robin (@RobinGrant), Chris (@qwghlm), Nicolas (@NicolasKinski) and Christian (@Mehme7) were getting ready to attend the London Twestival whilst Violette (@_vio_), Camille (@CamilleJ), Bertrand (@Bertrand) and myself (@MeToo) were finalising the last details for the Twestival Paris…

As I’ve already mentioned on this blog, blogging is very big in France, and so are bloggers meetups. But this Twestival was clearly one of the first time that Parisian users of Twitter were gathering in real life and that’s what made it interesting. Altogether, we had about a hundred Twitter users joining us at the Hard Rock Café Paris, and we were lucky enough to say hi to our friends attending the other Twestival in London, Lille and Clermont-Ferrand via a Skype video call during the evening. The evening carried on until 1am, with an open bar (of course!), a live concert of the band 1973 (including a backstage concert!) and a raffle with lots of goodies from laFraise, Skype, Moo , Spreadshirt, EBG and Artoyz to win…

We had a brilliant night – although obviously slightly stressful because we were organising it but we met lots of very nice users of Twitter from Paris and the surrounding area, and judging by the number of DMs and emails people have been sending us since, this first Twestival Paris was a great success. So thank you all for attending and helping us raise money for charity: water!

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London Twestival

by Robin Grant in News Google+

Those of us in the team who were left behind in London are now slowly recovering from last night’s Twestival in London. It was great night, as you can see from this morning’s tweets and the photos:

Here’s the organiser, Amanda Rose, appearing on Sky News yesterday evening via a Skype video call, explaining the event:

There’s also a great write-up in today’s Guardian (and, as befits my status as a Z List Twitter celeb, I made it into their photo coverage).

Thank you @amanda and the rest of the team!

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Sydney Twestival

by Nathan McDonald in News Google+

I’m just back from Sydney Twestival, part of the global Twestival, and it was a great success. Although based in London, I’m originally from Sydney and it was great to see the Sydney Twitter community come out to support a good cause. Over 80 people raised over $1400 for Charity: Water, and in the process we had fun and met some great new people.

When I spoke to Time Out about Twestival, I mentioned that one of the great things about Twitter is the way that people help each other. Twitter users really give – and tonight showed how helping within a social media community can extend into giving for charity. 

We Are Social sponsored the Sydney event, and organised it with local volunteers @BernieT and @catchakiki. Big thanks to them and also to all the other volunteers who helped out on the night, as well as the sponsors that donated prizes, drinks and of course a great venue.

Check out the photos on Flickr above, and the Qik video captured by @betchaboy

Of course, We Are Social is also organising and sponsoring Twestival Paris, as well as helping out with Skype‘s sponsorship of Twestival London, Paris, Lille and Clermont-Ferrand, so stay tuned for more Twestival updates!

By the time I wake up they will be in full swing… Have fun over there, and at every other Twestival!

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