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Design for networks

by Robin Grant in News Google+

Following on from his Tenets of Digital Strategy, Mike Arauz proposes a framework for designing for collective action:

There’s more detail in Mike’s two posts on the subject, Designing For Networks:

In a digital world, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is dependent on your ability to engage and empower a network of individuals connected by a shared interest.

It is time for marketers to stop thinking of consumers simply as groups of individuals, and to start thinking of the people they hope to connect with as a powerful network tied together by shared goals and aspirations.

and Community Centered Collective Action Design Framework:

Brands need a method for aligning what’s important to the brand with what’s important to the community of potential participants.


The social network in your pocket

by Robin Grant in News Google+

A nice presentation from Mike Arauz:

Mobile technology is making every experience both digital and social. That means that the experiences that we previously thought of as happening “off line” now play by the same rules as online experiences. The same principles that make things spread online now need to be applied to real world experiences to help them spread in the digital space.

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The Intention Economy

by Robin Grant in News Google+

David Gillespie has been burning the midnight oil producing this epic 260 slide presentation, which covers a lot of ground, including his thoughts about the ‘Intention Economy’, in an incredibly compelling way. As you’ll see from the opening slides, it has a particular resonance for us here at We Are Social. Over to him:

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