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What it’s REALLY like at We Are Social

by Marie Cravens in News

My name’s Marie, aka Melba Toast, and I’m one of the newest members of the We Are Social team in New York. If you’re reading this, we probably have a lot in common — mostly an endlessly entertained obsession for all things to do with social media.

We Are Social is currently seeking bright and brilliant additions to our rapidly growing team in New York, across all levels but particularly within client servicing – Account Directors, Senior Account Managers and Account Managers. Whether you have an established background in digital marketing or you’re contemplating how to turn that spare time judging your Instagram feed into an exciting career, We Are Social might just be the perfect fit for you.

You don’t need me to go on about We Are Social’s incredible roster of global brands, and our network of eight offices around the world — our work speaks for itself. But what’s it really like to be a part of We Are Social in New York? I’m going to tell you what goes on behind the scenes instead. Here are the five things I’ve learned since joining the party.

1. Don’t be faint of heart

In an office filled with people from Australia, the UK, and all parts of the U.S., we all seem to have one thing in common — a love for language that is, shall we say, colorful. You can’t be easily offended in an office where “FUCKKK!” is commonly screamed across the room, and someone is awarded regularly for the best out-of-context, or just-plain-weird, comment. Trust me, you’ll love it … or get used to it pretty fast.

2. ALWAYS be prepared with a good reaction GIF

If you don’t already have a folder started on your desktop with your favorite GIFs, you’re slippin’. I’m personally partial to ones containing my girl Rihanna, but the company-wide group Skype chat has opened my eyes to new GIFs I had never dreamed of … as well as some that are now unfortunately burned into my psyche for good and I’m pretty sure I can’t forget if I try. Sometimes, no words can say more than a Homer Simpson GIF can make you feel.

3. If you need help, ask for it 

Another  thing I’ve learned since starting at We Are Social that I feel is so important is that no matter how busy everyone is, someone will find the time to stop and help you if you have a question. For me as an Account Executive, for example,  it’s all about constantly improving on my time management skills. It’s always better to ask for help before you get in over your head and make a mistake. We have regular check-ins, one-on-ones, and, in general, an overall comfort level where everyone is able to stop and talk things through at any moment. That’s what gives We Are Social a real feeling of a team, where everyone helps each other — and in turn, our clients — succeed.

4. …but if you offer to help others, be prepared to put in work!

Part of that collaborative environment that makes We Are Social so great includes jumping in headfirst to help your team. This could mean anything from lending a fresh perspective to a brainstorm, to taking on an important new business pitch in addition to your workload. Before you offer to help, make sure you have the capacity — because you WILL be taken up on that offer!

And lastly, but most importantly….


I feel like a lot of companies recite this cliche to try and sound cool, but the We Are Social New York team is the true embodiment of the saying. We put all of ourselves into our work and put in the hours, but that effort ensures the celebratory shots go down even sweeter as we toast to a job well done. Everyone genuinely looks forward to 5 p.m. Friday — not because it signals the weekend, but for mandatory office happy hour hangs and then cruising together to a local bar (or three).

So there you have it! I think I have laughed harder and learned more in my three months with We Are Social than in any other job in my life. And I’ll drink to that!

What are you waiting for? Apply to join our team today by emailing and telling us who you are and why you think you’ll fit right in.

The emergence of a superstar in social

by Chris Nee in News

Colombia’s James Rodriguez has been the World Cup’s rising star. Far from unknown before the tournament – Rodriguez made a big-money move to AS Monaco a year ago and was already one of the hottest prospects in the game – his profile has nevertheless gone through the roof in the past month.

He’s made his mark on Twitter too. Rodriguez has garnered 3.3 million mentions on the platform since the beginning of the tournament, though he does remain a long way behind Neymar (18.9 million) and Lionel Messi (14.3 million), the pre-established stars of the competition.

However during the quarter-finals Rodriguez held his own with the biggest names, both on the pitch and on Twitter, where he was mentioned 1.1 million times. Mentions of Messi, who temporarily handed match-winning responsibility to Gonzalo Higuain against Belgium in the last eight and didn’t get on the scoresheet, were only marginally higher.

Twitter mentions are inherently tied to goals, of course, and Rodriguez scored one against Brazil as Colombia went out of the World Cup. More to the point, the replays of his goal and the aftermath revealed that his arm was home to an enormous green grasshopper at the time – perfect social fodder.

Neymar also didn’t score but he did hit the headlines thanks to a nasty injury sustained against Rodriguez’s Colombia. His tournament is under threat and his injury was high-profile; because Neymar has fulfilled his expectations so far and has been the face of the tournament, his mentions tallied 4.3 million on a bittersweet quarter-final weekend.

But the growth in Rodriguez’s talkability during the World Cup has been far more impressive and demonstrate just how quickly he’s emerged as a truly global football figure.  His quarter-final mentions represent a third of his total tournament mentions, a far larger proportion than Neymar and Messi.

More importantly, we’ve compared the number of mentions of Neymar, Messi and Rodriguez now to their mentions in their first matches.

The anticipation of Neymar and Messi’s opening performances was red hot. Neymar clocked in at 2.5 million opening match mentions compared to Messi’s 2.7 million, and both lived up to it in style.

Rodriguez on Colombia’s first matchday? 87,000 mentions.

In terms of total tournament mentions and matchday mentions the Colombian isn’t yet on the level of the established star players, but the increase from comfortably under 100,000 mentions against Greece to over a million against Brazil is extremely impressive.

Even better, he’s earning his social mentions on the pitch. He’s been mentioned over three million times during the World Cup because of brilliant performances, great skills and, in particular, that one incredible goal.

We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #219

by Nick Mulligan in News

Advertisers will increase social ad budgets
Most advertisers are planning to increase their ad budgets for social media, according to an Ad Age survey of 1,682 agency executives. Of those asked, 53% will modestly increase their Twitter budget, compared to 48% for Facebook and 43% for YouTube. ‘Significant increases’ are expected by roughly 10% of respondents for all platforms, while hardly anyone plans to ‘significantly decrease’ budgets on any of the three networks.


Facebook buys LiveRail
Facebook is to further increase its video ad business with the purchase of LiveRail, one of the biggest video ad sellers, which automates the sale of video adverts for the likes of MLB, ABC and DailyMotion. According to Ad Age, a Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the price of the deal. Facebook will use LiveRail’s data when serving ads on its own network, and vice versa. This should help to amplify Facebook’s ‘Audience Network’, which allows advertisers to extend campaigns beyond the social network.

Facebook creates ‘missed call’ ad unit for India
Facebook has produced a new ad unit, the ‘missed call’, exclusively for India. In a blog post, Facebook explained how it will work:

When a person sees an ad on Facebook they can place a ‘missed call’ by clicking the ad from their mobile device. In the return call, the person receives valuable content, such as music, cricket scores or celebrity messages, alongside a brand message from the advertiser — all without using airtime or data.

India has a culture of pre-paid phone contracts, which often include high costs for data and text messages; as such, the missed call is a common workaround. Facebook is hoping to take advantage of this behaviour in the country, which has its second-highest global user base.


Twitter ups mobile ad offering
Twitter has made two moves to improve its mobile ad offering in the last week. First of all, it is now offering mobile app installation ads, which it has been testing since earlier this year, to all advertisers. Secondly, it has purchased TapCommerce, which helps mobile businesses to retarget ads, for a reported $100m. The two moves display a clear intent by Twitter to focus on mobile advertising.

Tweets appear with ‘buy now’ button
A ‘buy now’ button appeared on several tweets last week, all linked to the @fancy account. The button was only visible on mobile and didn’t actually do anything when clicked, inciting speculation that it was either a test or an accident. However, it looks likely that shopping on Twitter will be here soon enough.


Vine adds loop count
Vine has added a ‘loop count’, a metric that displays how many times a particular Vine has been repeated. The idea is that this will show which videos are best engaging their audience, which could be big news for brands. We Are Social’s Luke Carrell talked to AgencySpy about the move:

For many marketers, Vine continues to be a bit of an enigma, with its younger audience and tendency to reward quick, quirky humor that can be difficult to get exactly right. While many brands have embraced the platform as an outlet for one-off creative exercises, more robust metrics such as the introduction of content impressions (e.g. Loops) opens the door for gathering insights that can help build smarter content plays over the long term.

Google kills Orkut
Google is bringing an end to Orkut, its original social network, which remains popular in Brazil and India. It released a blog post, which stated that “YouTube, Blogger and Google+ [had] outpaced Orkut’s growth”. September 30th will be the network’s final day.

The World Cup breaks records in social
The World Cup has been one of the most talked-about events of all time online, and there is now more evidence to support that. The total number of Facebook posts, comments and likes relating to the World Cup has reached the 1bn mark, with 11 posts from footballers competing in the tournament each receiving more than 1m likes. Of these, seven came from Neymar, three from Messi and one from Ronaldo. Meanwhile, Brazil’s penalty shootout victory over Chile elicited 389,000 tweets in one minute, the highest figure of all time. The previous record was held by February’s Superbowl, in which a single touchdown caused 382,000 tweets in a minute.

adidas and We Are Social produce real-time World Cup content
Ad Age recently spent the day at adidas’s real-time marketing hub at the World Cup in Rio, a 40-strong delegation that includes some of the We Are Social gang. Their article about the experience highlights adidas and We Are Social’s extensive pre-World Cup preparation, while also discussing the way in which the team deals with reactive content on the ground. So far, adidas is the most talked-about brand of the entire tournament.

We Are Social and adidas celebrate Djokovic’s Wimbledon win
In the immediate aftermath of Novak Djokovic’s thrilling fifth set win over Roger Federer at Wimbledon, We Are Social and adidas Tennis posted a congratulatory tweet and image to celebrate the moment. It was the culmination of two weeks of support for its players, all under the umbrella of #smashthesilence. The tweet itself has received over 1,250 retweets, the hashtag being mentioned 10,700 times throughout the tournament.

We Are Social and evian create #LetsPlay
We Are Social created a campaign for water brand, evian, which encouraged people to live young during Wimbledon. Fans simply had to tweet @evianwater with #LetsPlay. Lucky winners received a personalised Vine, sung by Vive Vocals.

Monster puts job ads in Twitter cards
Monster, the recruitment company, has released a new Twitter card, which displays a full job advert within a tweet. Here it is in all its glory:

Barbie joins LinkedIn
Looking for a career as a plastic toy? Better connect with Barbie – she’s just joined LinkedIn. The move is promoting the doll’s latest incarnation, ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’, whose profile includes details on her long and illustrious career, as well as an explanation of her latest venture, ‘Dream Incubator’.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.02.03

Ikea creates Instagram ‘website’
Ikea has created an Instagram page that functions like a website. By featuring products from its Ikea PS collection, alongside a product description, it takes advantage of the network’s layout, as explained in the video below.

Vodafone is curating a Twitter play
Vodafone is teaming up with Spanish actor, Raúl Arévalo, to curate a play from tweets. Twitter users will be encouraged to send in suggestions for lines/directions using the hashtag #firstteatrotuits (first theatre tweets), after which the play will be performed to a live audience in Madrid’s Capitol Theatre. The audience, too, will be encouraged to send in their own suggestions.

AutoTrader.com and Overly Attached Girlfriend
AutoTrader.com has enlisted the help of Laina Morris, better known as ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’, in its latest online campaign. The online star is featured in a video, in which she uses the site’s various features to help keep her search hidden from her partner. After watching, viewers are encouraged to take part in a similar online treasure hunt.

Transamerica launches on Reddit
Transamerica has launched a presence on Reddit, through which it hopes to answer personal finance questions. Reddit can prove difficult for brands, but llan Gungormez, director of social media strategy at Transamerica, has made clear that the company will be trying not to push sales too much:

What we’re really trying to work on doing is kind of filling in all the gaps. And at the end of the day, we obviously hope you end up picking Transamerica. But if you are at least able to walk away and make a better, informed decision, that’s really the win, because financial literacy is so low across the board.

CALM launches the Twitter #Mandictionary
Male suicide charity, CALM, has created a Twitter campaign, which asks users to tweet their suggestions for vocabulary to express male emotion, using #Mandictionary. The charity hopes the campaign will help promote discussion of male mental health, and intends to use the submissions in future ads.

Twitter trolls Robin Thicke
Music channel VH1 encouraged Twitter users to tweet questions to Robin Thicke last week, using #AskThicke. Naturally, for such a controversial figure, some of the questions weren’t quite what Thicke might have hoped. Many tweets, such as the below, highlighted Thicke’s questionable history and accusations of misogyny.

Ukrainian club creates social media bar
The Boom Boom Room, a night club in Kiev, has a set menu of eleven drinks in its newly-launched “Check-in bar”, each of which can be purchased in exchange for a different social media activity. A hashtagged Instagram selfie is worth one shot, a photo with four tagged friends earns you a bottle of Prosecco and there’s a special drink for a mayor’s badge on Foursquare.

Wimbledon is here – #LetsPlay!

by Emma Cockbill in News

Wimbledon marks the beginning of the summer, rekindling our obsession for strawberries and cream, talking about the weather and forming long yet orderly queues. For the last six years evian has proudly been the official water of the Wimbledon Championships, hydrating superstar players such as brand ambassador Maria Sharapova and spectators alike with purity from the Alps.

As you may have seen in Creativity or The Drum, this year we’ve been working with evian to serve up an additional helping of summer cheer to celebrate Wimbledon swinging into action.

After teaming up with cheeky British duo Rizzle Kicks for their latest video to the summery soundtrack “Tell Her”, we decided to continue along the musical route with evian. With the help of the Vive Vocals, we’ve been turning evian and Wimbledon fan tweets into fine acapella beats.

Fans gripped by Wimbledon Fever have been tweeting @evianwater using #LetsPlay to have personalised Vines sung back to them. From Sharapova well-wishers to those crossing their fingers for Murray, the evianwater account has quite literally been alive with the sound of music. 

As an added incentive, a few lucky fans will win the exclusive evian Wimbledon goodie bag, which has been handed out to the celebs in the evian suite throughout the tournament. Just three days in and the sing back has already reached over five million people. We’ll continue to turn evian fans’ tweets into singing beats until Friday 4th July – so come on, #LetsPlay!

And if you need even more inspiration, you can watch evian’s video featuring Rizzle Kicks and Maria Sharapova here. Enjoy!

94% using Facebook during World Cup

by Deniz Ugur in News

It’s clear that the World Cup audience is a very social one, and a recent study from GlobalWebIndex looking at people’s behaviour in the the US, the UK and Brazil certainly backs this up. Looking at the top social platforms during World Cup matches, the report stated that a huge 94% of social network users who are watching the World Cup in those countries said they’re likely to use Facebook as they watch the games, with Twitter also a major destination at 59%.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 16.01.40

GlobalWebIndex also examined real time behaviours during World Cup matches, finding that 50% of internet users who are watching the World Cup in those countries check social media throughout the games to see what other people are saying.

As the game unfolds, there’s an increase in people sharing their personal views, a behaviour predominantly found in Brazil. World Cup selfies are also proving popular, with 10% claiming to take their own pic during matches. Again, this is most prevalent in home nation, Brazil.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 13.41.22