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Marking a moment with BBC Music

by Nick Hearne in News

Last week, BBC Music unveiled a landmark musical moment across its television, radio and online networks, as 27 internationally acclaimed artists from a broad array of musical genres performed an extraordinary reworking of The Beach Boys’ classic song ‘God Only Knows’.

The film marked the official launch of BBC Music, an ambitious wave of new music initiatives that amount to the BBC’s strongest commitment to music in 30 years, and We Are Social was delighted to be a part of it.

Across social channels, a teaser phase kicked off the campaign as excitement built around a mysterious event coming to the BBC. This video was top secret. Everyone involved knew the importance of discretion throughout the project; I managed to not even tell my wife, my children, hairdresser or psychiatrist. Teaser content ran across the BBC’s own social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on music talent and BBC talent’s social channels, all under the hashtag #LoveBBCMusic.

Co-ordinating a social media strategy across 50+ platforms, we worked with the BBC to make sure the social media community had every chance to hear about the event. The momentum quickly picked up, and soon social channels were full of anticipation (and a bit of One Direction hysteria (ermahgerd Harrehh!!!)) as the date of the big reveal drew closer.

On the day of the broadcast, 7th October, we were generating content for social channels right up until the last minute – given the secrecy surrounding the video, it was important that timings were kept tight to minimize the chance of any leaks. At 8pm, every channel, from BBC One to BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC iPlayer to BBC Radio Cornwall, joined forces in the very first pan-channel roadblock broadcast. Simultaneously, all the BBC’s social channels changed their headers to mark the momentous occasion.


When the video finally aired, artists took to Twitter to help the BBC spread the hype even further, and encourage repeat viewing.

To keep conversation going and broaden the event’s reach, we created sharable assets; including a set of very cool GIFs (I could watch the Dave Grohl airgrab on loop forever). Of course, social channels gave the incredible video the response it deserved, and soon #LoveBBCMusic was trending in the UK – with God Only Knows trending globally! We focused on making sure conversation about the film stayed focused on BBC Music, and driving people to www.bbc.co.uk/music.



All in all, it’s been an amazing, sometimes stressful and always exhilarating experience to work closely with BBC Music and Karmarama on such an historic and momentous project. We loved it – and we’re delighted to see we’re not the only ones. *Celebratory Dave Grohl airgrab*

God Only Knows has been released in aid of BBC Children in Need. It is available to download now.

We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #232

by Nick Mulligan in News

Facebook provides most social logins
Facebook was the Q3 leader for social logins at 46%, followed by closest rival Google at 34%, according to reports by Janrain. Twitter comes a distant third place with 7% – this seems to be a two horse race for now.


Facebook considers adding money transfer option to Messenger app
Facebook is apparently considering adding a money transfer service to its standalone mobile Messenger app. The screenshot below shows how sending money will work (basically like sending a photo). Users can either add a card for Messenger, or use one they’ve stored in Facebook. Finally, notifications worth waiting for.


Facebook to launch new anonymous app?
As you may well know, Facebook has struggled with some users who don’t want to use their real names, amongst other privacy issues. The network’s answer seems to be a separate ‘anonymous’ mobile app.

Facebook’s targeting to get even more specific
Facebook is set to launch ‘hyper local’ ads, with which advertisers can target users within an area as small as a mile. This could be useful for businesses that have, you know, actual locations that they want people to go to. Like in the olden days.

local facebook ads

Facebook opens its Audience network
Thanks to Facebook, you can now get rich the same way as Kim Kardashian. No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Facebook’s mobile ad network, named ‘Audience Network’, which helped fuel the success of the Kim Kardashian game and brought Shazam a 37% increase in ad revenue, is now open to all.


Facebook and WhatsApp are, like, officially together
Facebook’s $19bn acquisition of WhatsApp is now official. The pair released a joint statement:

We are looking forward to connecting even more people around the world, and continuing to create value for the people who use WhatsApp.

All that remains is to change their relationship status.

Transfer money on Twitter
There must be something in the water – it’s not just Facebook that’s getting into the money transfer game. Twitter is going to enable users to transfer cash through tweets, as part of a deal with French bank Groupe BPCE. The feature is available regardless of your bank, and there’s no need to know the recipient’s details.

Snapchat ads are coming soon
Do you like Snapchat? Do you like advertisements? Well have we got news for you! Snapchat ads are on the way, according to CEO, Evan Spiegel. They’ll be optional to view, and focussed around the ‘stories’ section of the app:

We’re cutting through the new technology around ads to the core of it, which is telling a story.

In the same way that everything is ‘telling a story’ these days.

Dove, Snapchat and self-esteem
Unilever brand, Dove, has taken to Snapchat for ‘Self-Esteem Weekend’, sending out snaps on the theme of, errr, self-esteem, and asking for replies. The idea is inspired by the difficulty of having such conversations in public – Dove hopes that the campaign will promote at least a few important chats.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 15.11.09

Google+ adds polls
If you’ve wanted to ask your friends a question with up to five pre-ordained possible answers, but only have access to them through Google+, you’ve probably been pretty frustrated up until now. Breathe easy, kids, G+ has just added polls.

Celebs promote Wendy’s on Twitter
A set of stars including Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin are helping American fast food chain, Wendy’s, with its promotion on social media. They’re all talking about barbecues, under the hashtag #BBQ4merica, which, from here in London, might just be the most American thing of all time.

Will post on social media for jeans
Denim brand, Cheap Monday, gave away 1,000 pairs of jeans last Friday, in exchange for social media posts. Cheap Monday? More like Cheap Friday! Pah! Sorry, never mind.

Gillette capitalises on #beardgate
First there was #bendgate, now #beardgate. The iPhone 6 is supposedly catching on beards, which led to the following reactive piece from Gillette:

Very nice. The real solution to #beardgate, though, is to be unable to grow a beard/afford an iPhone 6. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Global Digital Statshot 001

by Simon Kemp in News

We’ve been publishing snapshots of key digital data for some time now, but we thought it might make sense to bring these numbers together in a regular series of PDF reports, which we’re calling ‘Digital Statshots’.

These Statshot reports are designed to supplement our more in-depth Social, Digital and Mobile reports, which contain individual data points for more than 100 countries around the world. You’ll find all those in-depth reports by clicking here.

Read on for some of the highlights from Statshot 001…

Global internet users are quickly approaching 3 billion, and we expect numbers to pass this milestone before the end of 2014.

Social Media
Social media usage continues to rise, although much of this growth relates to the increased use of chat apps.

Despite this growth, social networks still dominate the social landscape in most countries, and Facebook continued to register modest global growth in the first 6 months of 2014.

However, active usage of QZone (China’s largest active social network by user numbers) and VKontakte (which still dominates the social ecosystem in Russia and some of its neighbours) appears to have fallen slightly in recent months, albeit only by a matter of 1 or 2 percentage points.

We’re pleased to include data from Ericsson’s Mobility Report in this Statshot, which offers a new dimension to our mobile reporting.

It’s worth noting that there are significant differences between the data reported by Ericsson and GSMA Intelligence though, especially when it comes to unique user numbers.

Ericsson reports 4.6 billion unique users, which would suggest global penetration of 63%; however, GSMA Intelligence reports 3.6 billion global users, indicating a global penetration rate of 50%.

Both are obviously very impressive numbers, but it’s important to note the sizeable difference of 1 billion users between the two sources.

It’s also worth highlighting that GSMA Intelligence have revised their unique mobile user figures down slightly since our previous Statshot. However, we believe this revision is likely due to more accurate reporting from individual mobile operators, and is unlikely to reflect a real drop in unique user numbers.

Meanwhile, the number of active mobile connections (sometimes called contracts or subscriptions) is quickly approaching the same figure as the total world population. However, the average global mobile user still maintains roughly 2 active mobile connections, and half the world’s population is still ‘unconnected’.

Mobile Social
Social media usage on mobile is growing rapidly, with the figures reported by key networks suggesting growth of almost 30 million users since our most recent report just 6 weeks ago.

Averaged out, that suggests roughly 725,000 new mobile social users ever day – or more than 8 new users every second.

Given the rapid growth of mobile users and skyrocketing chat app and mobile social adoption, it’s clear that – from a user perspective at least – mobile social is going to be the dominant story in 2015.

So, wherever you are in the world: if you’re putting together your marketing plans for next year, make sure you include sufficient budget for mobile social activities.

And if you’d like to download this Statshot, simply click here (note that you’ll need a free SlideShare account for this).

Some points to note on this report:

  • We’ve gathered all data from third-party sources, all of which we’ve detailed in the footnotes of the relevant slides. You’ll find more information on those sources’ sample sizes, collection methodologies, and relevant time periods on their respective websites. We strive to ensure that all the data we include is as recent and accurate as possible, but please check with the relevant data source(s) if you have questions about individual data points.
  • Where different sources report significantly different numbers for the same data point, we’ve included the different sets of data for convenient reference.
  • You’re welcome to copy-paste these slides into your own presentations, reports, blogs and social media posts; all we ask is that you use the whole image, including the credits and logos for We Are Social and the original data sources. 
  • If you believe you have more accurate numbers for any of the relevant data points, we’d love to hear from you – just drop us an email.

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Marketers’ attitudes to social media

by Deniz Ugur in News

AdWeek recently published this infographic exploring marketers’ social media strategies, delving into marketers’ use of social media, as well as their social challenges and goals.


30% of Snapchat users in US

by Deniz Ugur in News

Mobile messaging service Snapchat has hit the headlines after Yahoo’s plans to invest £20 million in the app were revealed. GlobalWebIndex has produced this infographic about Snapchat’s demographics and social behaviours of its global users.

GlobalWebIndex found that 30% of Snapchat’s total user base comes from the US, and top markets for the app include the UK, USA and Ireland, with 14% of adult internet users using the service. The most popular demographic using Snapchat is teens; over half of online users aged 16-24 are active on the platform.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 14.48.20