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We’re a new kind of agency, but conversations between people are nothing new. Neither is the idea that ‘markets are conversations’.

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We are Digital Agency of the Year!

by Sandrine Plasseraud in News Google+

As you may have already spotted on Twitter or Facebook this week, We Are Social was named Digital Agency of the Year at the Grand Prix des Agences de l’Année.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the trust of our clients. Without this, we wouldn’t have been able to create work that meets their ambitions as well as ours, winning prestigious accolades like Eurobest, Webbys and Shortys along the way. I would also like to thank everyone at We Are Social for their devotion and passion to creating innovative, industry defining work.

This award comes at a key-moment for the agency. We’re growing significantly, and the campaigns we’re working on already show that 2015 will be our best yet. We’re looking forward to working with our clients to really prove the value of social thinking.

Using Twitter to find perfect Xmas gifts

by Melanie Hughes in News

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, Christmas is fast approaching. Like every other year, we’re all in a mad, stressful rush to buy our loved ones the perfect Christmas gifts without breaking the bank.

Luckily, as you may have read in Campaign or Creativity, we’ve been working with Tesco Clubcard to come to the rescue and help you find the ideal Christmas pressie. Introducing ‘Secret Scan-ta‘, a web tool that provides personal gift recommendations from the Clubcard Boost range based on your friend’s Twitter activity.

Simply input the Twitter username of the person you want to buy a gift for, select how many Clubcard vouchers you have and hey presto, Secret Scan-ta scans the Twitter profile to match you to a range of appropriate gifts.

Scanta app

Secret Scan-ta will scan key words and people your friend follows to find you a gift matched to their interests. And if you have Clubcard vouchers, you’ll see the savings made by using Clubcard Boost when the results are presented to you. Then it’s just a case of one click on the item to take you through to the relevant Tesco site to purchase it.

The Daily Mail called the search results ’surprisingly apt’. Who knows maybe a ‘Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster’ is on Nigel Farage’s Christmas list this year. And we reckon selfie queen Kim Kardashian would love her recommendation – a digital camera.


Away from the press the reaction from the Twitter has been great too, with thousands of people already enjoying the tool.

The tool was created by the team here We Are Social to raise awareness of the Clubcard Boost range and the great savings to be made this Christmas. However, if you don’t have a Clubcard, don’t fear, you can still take part.

So, if you’re stuck about what to buy this Christmas head over to www.clubcardsecretscanta.com to have a go yourself!

Tumblr making inroads in Asia

by Don Anderson in News

While Facebook continues to rule social networking with over 1.35 billion active monthly users, its growth is actually failing to keep pace with a number of other networks, according to the latest statistics recently released by GlobalWebIndex.

According to GWI, Yahoo-owned Tumblr has demonstrated the largest jump in active users over the last six months with a growth rate of 120%, outstripping Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook, with Mark Zuckerberg’s platform itself growing by only 2%.


Tumblr’s penetration in Asia still lags behind the big four social networks, although according to Uttam Chopra, Senior Product Manager for Yahoo APAC, the platform is continuing to make inroads.

We recently sat down with Chopra, who oversees custom branded experiences and monetization of Flickr, Tumblr and Yahoo Groups, to get his perspective on Tumblr’s  growth in the region, and how brands may seek to leverage it in their marketing plans.

What demographic is Tumblr typically best suited to?

Tumblr is best suited to the millennial generation. It’s basically people who are around their teens all the way up to their early 20s. That’s true of Tumblr, not only in Asia, but globally. These are people who have a lot of opinions, are not afraid to share them, and they want a platform that is completely unrestricted, and you will find a lot of that on Tumblr.


What’s unique about storytelling on Tumblr, as opposed to other platforms? And how does this kind of storytelling affect brands, in the way they approach creating Tumblr content?

Tumblr is not restricted to one media type. You can put up videos, photos, write articles and include user-generated content. There are a lot of different avenues for you on Tumblr as opposed to any other social networks. It is a completely open blank canvas. As an advertiser you can actually go and customize Tumblr exactly to your requirements.

One of the great examples is with Heineken where they have gone out and done something that they cannot achieve on any other social network. Red Bull is another good example.

Does the fact that “it’s not about you” on Tumblr – whereas it’s all self-centric on Facebook, Instagram, etc – affect the potential for cross-platform integration, when it comes to branded content?

That’s a really interesting question.  Tumblr is actually made for sharing content that you value with other people. Social networks in general, if you look at Facebook, are meant to be on what I like. That’s the different way of how to look at Tumblr – it’s supposed to be “here’s what I have to share, and here’s what I value.”  And I do believe that certain brands can actually include that and use along with the other social networks.

What is Tumblr’s plan for Asia?

Without doing any promotion, Tumblr does have a pretty big following in certain Asian countries. Singapore has a large number of people on Tumblr and a lot of communities. The same is the case with Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. We just want to get the conversations going about Tumblr, understand what people expect from it and see where it goes from there.

What’s your perspective on the future of online content?

I would actually take it a level further and not say online content. Let’s look at it as digital content, and content marketing for digital.

Currently all platforms use algorithms to define you as a person. What’s going to happen over a period of time is those algorithms are going to become a lot more sophisticated and you will find content streams which are tailored just for you. And that is something that we are doing at Yahoo right now, which is having a home page that understands you and gives you content that you like.

Brands’ advertising is changing – it’s about adding value and making you have a real connection with my product instead of telling you what my product does. It’s about telling you what my product means to you. That’s what we can look forward to with content marketing.

We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #240

by Nick Mulligan in News

Over half of digital display ads are never seen
According to Google research, 56.1% of all digital display ads are never seen by a human (we don’t have figures on any other life forms).

Twitter execs are selling off stock
Twitter’s top dogs sold off almost $50m in personal stock in November. The company’s CEO, Dick Costolo, sold off almost 50% and co-founder, Evan Williams, shipped out $28.7m. We don’t want to say they’re jumping ship, but all this nautical language is an excuse for a picture of the fail whale. Remember the fail whale?


Adjustable photo filters on Twitter
Hooray for filters in all their photo-saving glory. Twitter has added ‘adjustable filters’, with an intensity slider – now the only difference between you and David Bailey is a wealth of talent and celebrity friends.


Tumblr adds buttons from external sites
Tumblr has added some new buttons for users that post content from specific sites. Etsy gets “buy”, Artsy “browse” and Kickstarter “pledge”, while anything that comes from Do Something allows you to, errr, “do something”. Nice.

New Tumblr Buttons

Geofilters available to all Snapchatters
Snapchat has had geofilters for a while now – super special filters that show up in a specific location. Previously, they could only be created by selected partners, but now this functionality is available to everyone. Must be nearly Christmas.

G+ adds pinned posts
You can now pin posts on Google+ profiles and pages. So can the Brooklyn Nets, as you can see in the example below. As you might expect, a pinned post will appear above all others.

Google Plus Pinned Post

Line Pay goes global
Messaging app, Line is expanding its e-payment system, Line Pay (previously only available in Japan) to the entire world. Line Pay allows users to register a card, with which they can make purchases on the Line store and in participating offline shops.

Toyota wants us to #BuckleUpForLife
Toyota is asking Twitter and Instagram users to upload photos with the hashtag #BuckleUpForLife, the name of a charity with which it’s working. For every picture, the car manufacturer will donate 10 car seats for children.

Build a Honda on Twitter
Remember when you could make a Mercedes on Instagram? Now you can build a Honda on Twitter. It’s an interesting trend in the automotive industry, but we imagine it’ll be a while before we see a Ferrari on Friends Reunited. Or an Audi on adult friend finder.


Heineken will make your party better
Last Thursday, Heineken ran a campaign asking Twitter users to explain why they needed a Heineken-themed do. Tweets sent in with the hashtag #SparkMyParty were entered for the chance to win everything you need for a party: a DJ, beers and, of course, balloons.

Stella buys Instagram ads
Stella Artois has become the first beer brand to purchase Instagram ads, thinking that we may all be planning a merry Christmas. Here are a couple of the shots.

Stella Instagram 1

Stella Instagram 2

Liberty launches perk app
Liberty London has partnered with the app Tapestry, which links to users’ Instagram accounts. When you enter the store, you’ll get personalised perks based on your Instagram activity, along with a note of whereabouts in store you can collect them.

Celebrate advent on Instagram
Too old for a chocolate advent calendar? No, you’re never too old, but if you will be such a Scrooge about it, there’s an online version you can try with ASOS. Using #Instaadvent1 through #Instaadvent24, the fashion retailer is running a daily advent-themed competition in the build up to Christmas.

ASOS Instagram advent

Ted Baker wants to help Santa take an Elfie
Don’t you hate it when you want to take an Elfie, but all your elves are missing? Well so does Ted Baker. It’s created a ‘choose your own adventure’ game on Instagram, where you can find the missing elves. You might even win a prize.

Brands on Black Friday
Lots of brands got involved with Black Friday, as you might imagine. There’s a roundup of some of the campaigns here. Amazon allowed Twitter users to ‘tweet to unwrap’ early deals, Kohl’s asked trivia questions with a $500 gift card prize and Target requested #Salefies from those who didn’t get trampled in the carnage.

Brands tweet about Peter Pan Live
NBC has plans to build a ‘live tradition’, starting with last week’s ‘Peter Pan Live’. Brands got involved with the massive televisual event.

Skeletor takes over Honda Twitter
Fed up of trying to conquer Grayskull, Skeletor took over Honda’s Twitter account last week. It’s gone back to normal now, but our contacts in Eternia say that he had a lovely time.

#IamSocial: Insight & Jazzy Jumpers

by Alex Milic in News

Blog four about the #IamSocial grad scheme is here! This month I’ve been getting locked in small rooms for fun, delving into spreadsheets with the ‘Research & Insight’ team and taking full advantage of the We Are Social free breakfasts.

So, what is R&I?
R&I (Research and Insight) is the one stop shop when you want to find out how successful a campaign was or identify important audience insight and demographics. Using powerful tools they scour the social media landscape to help our clients understand and interact better with their customers.

Their real talent lies in their ability to analyse the reams of information they receive and extract that all-important, meaningful insight. Working with powerful tools, our analysts make sense of the conversations happening over social media and not only to help our clients understand it, but ultimately, to ensure the recommendations we make to our clients come from a social insight.

I won’t beat around the bush; I was slightly unnerved about my placement in R&I. The last time I properly opened up an excel sheet to do sums was during high school, and since then the quiet mutter of the word ‘excel’ has sent me into a cold sweat.


Luckily, the team were great and threw me straight into working on some interesting projects. Using spreadsheets and boolean queries I quickly learned about the various tools we use here and how they can be put to use for different clients. Within two weeks I was transformed from an excel novice into an excel GOD. Great success.

In honour of the R&I team I will now deliver the rest of this blog in the form of pie charts (and the odd line graph).

First up, here is a pie chart depicting the percentage of problems that can be solved by creating a pie chart:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.09.59

The figures don’t lie, it is evident to see that pie charts are the answer to all of life’s problems.

During my time with the R&I team I was introduced to Joe, a Research & Insight Director here at We Are Social. It was here that I learned about Joe’s penchant for jazzy jumpers. I have used my new found excel skills below to chart the increasing jazziness of his jumpers over the past ten months:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.10.46

As you can see there has been a rise in jazziness in the past few months indicating jazzy jumpers are going to be big sellers this festive season. You heard it here first.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.11.14
The evolution of Joe’s jumpers from Q1 to Q4

I also ventured out with the R&I team for a team building game of ‘Hint Hunt’ last week. Hint Hunt is hard to sell in words, but you basically spend an hour locked in a small room with your work colleagues trying to find clues that eventually allow you to escape. Clues are hidden beneath tables, in cubby holes and within locked boxes. It’s better than it sounds – I promise. The below chart explains how I spent my hour locked in a room with the team:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.11.54

As you can see from the above chart, I live by the mantra: if in doubt, flip a table.


R&I turned out to be one of the most useful placements I’ve completed. Not only have I conquered my fear of excel, but I’ve also learned how to utilise a variety of useful tools to track conversations as well as building knowledge of complex demographics. These skills will prove invaluable when we begin our permanent roles come January!

So in conclusion…

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.13.39

5 things we’ve learned this week

  • Pie charts make everything better
  • Specialized social tools can be put to great effect to track the success of campaigns
  • Jazzy jumpers are in this season
  • Excel is friend, not foe
  • Nick (writer of the Monday Mashup) was once the star of a Cheerios TV ad campaign. Rumour has it he was paid in solely Cheerios.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.14.38
“One day I’ll be writing the Mashup, then you’ll see”