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Internet & mobile use in the UK

by Deniz Ugur in News

There has been a vast increase in the number of people accessing the internet and using it on handheld devices in the UK, according to data just released from the Office of National Statistics.

It found that 43 million UK adults accessed the internet in the last three months and of these, 76% accessed it daily. In fact, 21 million more adults accessed the internet daily in 2014 than in 2006.

The research also found that the 16-24 year old age group is most likely to access the internet ‘on the go’ using a mobile device, with a huge 96% using a handheld device to go online over the last three months.


This month’s Ofcom’s Communications Market Report backs this evidence up, discovering that 16-24 year olds in the UK spend three times longer on their smart device than the average adult.

However, the Ofcom’s most interesting findings were focused on the ‘millennium generation’, who are now the most tech savvy age group in the UK. The study shows that the communications habits of younger people are changing fundamentally, with 12-15 year olds now spending just 3% of their communications time making voice calls, as opposed to 94% using text based services like instant messaging and social networking.

#PartingGlass with Tullamore D.E.W.

by Nicki Page in News

Glasses up to the future!

When one chapter ends and another begins, more often than not, we’ll raise a glass. It was this insight that drove the concept for our global ‘Parting Glass’ campaign with Tullamore D.E.W.: inviting fans from around the world to raise a glass to their own new beginnings.

Whether it was a wedding, stag do or new job, we encouraged Tullamore’s social media community to show us how they celebrated their ‘Parting Glass’ moments through videos, images or witty texts. Uploading their content to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people simply had to add the #PartingGlass hashtag to enter.

By submitting their own Parting Glass moment, fans were automatically entered into a competition to be part of Tullamore’s own ‘Parting Glass’ moment.  Those who displayed the most authentic celebratory moment would have the opportunity to attend the opening of Tullamore’s brand new distillery in Ireland!


Having been destroyed in a fire 60 years ago, bringing the distillery back to its hometown is a significant moment for the brand’s history, so a fantastic, unique occasion for our Tullamore fans to get involved in.

And for those fans who didn’t manage to create their own content, the Tullamore website hosted a collection of videos covering different ‘Parting Glass’ moments for the social community to personalise and share with their friends – a unique way to mark the moment.

In total, we saw over 400 images of celebrations and images of fans embarking on new hobbies and adventures – all with Tullamore in the frame.

The ‘Parting Glass ‘campaign reached over 4 million Facebook users, with a variety of entries from across five different markets.

So why not pour a glass of Tullamore D.E.W., and enjoy some of our favourites below!





We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #225

by Nick Mulligan in News

New Facebook tracking tool works across devices
Facebook has created a new reporting tool, which will allow advertisers to track consumers across devices. The advertiser can find out which device a user saw an ad on, and where they made a purchase. This allows them to discover when a mobile ad led to a desktop sale, or vice versa. The tool places trackers on an advertiser’s sites and apps, which can measure a variety of conversion types: web views, basket adds and purchases.

Twitter releases Promoted Video beta
Twitter has launched a beta version of its Promoted Video ads, which will charge advertisers only when a user hits play. The network claims its intention is to create a richer video experience for users, but it must also have revenue generation in mind. Here’s what the ads look like on mobile.


Twitter adds celebrity mobile features
Twitter has added two new mobile features that it hopes will facilitate conversation between celebrities. Now, verified users on both Android and iPhone can receive mobile alerts whenever another verified user follows them, while those on iPhone can also choose to view only verified users in their stream.

Fanta produces comedy series for Vine
Fanta is taking to Vine to produce a set of weekly comedy videos. Dubbed #FantaForTheFunny, the campaign will enlist three different Vine celebrities, in the hope that it will appeal to teens and young adults.

Groupon sees success on Snapchat
Groupon has launched on Snapchat. The brand’s opening gambit saw it send out a Snap promoting a deal for Wiz Khalifa tickets. They sold out in two minutes after 700 clicks, 250 screenshots and 1,000 direct messages, all resulting from that one piece of content. Another example has seen Groupon set up a competition, asking fans for their best ‘hey grill’ chat up lines, for the chance to win (you guessed it) a grill.


AT&T’s @SummerBreak campaign spreads across social
Telecoms company, AT&T, has created a cross-platform social media campaign around ‘Summer Breaks’. This includes a set of YouTube videos, uploaded three times a week, as well as content on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine and Snapchat. For the latter, it has accrued almost 45,000 followers in two months, all from scratch and without the help of paid media.

AmEx produces content through design partnership
American Express has partnered with a number of artists to produce a series of social content on the theme of design. This will be posted between now and the end of the year, and it’s already producing some effective results: Instagram interactions have doubled, while Twitter favourites have increased three times over.

Brands talk shark week on social
In case you missed it, last week was shark week. Naturally, a number of brands wanted a bite (sorry) of the action. Here are some of the best examples.

Premier League to get tough on Vines
The UK’s Premier League is looking to clamp down on people sharing unofficial Vines. The Premier League’s director of communications, Dan Johnson, said of the move:

You can understand that fans see something, they can capture it, they can share it, but ultimately it is against the law. It’s a breach of copyright and we would discourage fans from doing it, we’re developing technologies like gif crawlers, Vine crawlers, working with Twitter to look to curtail this kind of activity.

We’ll see how successful they are. If we’re honest, we’re pretty sceptical.

Over half daily media time spent online

by Deniz Ugur in News

Online now accounts for more than half our daily media consumption globally, and social media takes up 50% of that online media time, according to the latest figures from GlobalWebIndex.

A recent report looked at how adults typically spend their media time each day, finding that online now accounts for more than half of adults’ total daily time spent on media, compared with 23% for traditional TV, in second place.

daily media usage

Global Web Index’s research also shows that social networking accounts for just over a quarter of daily online activity, and all social media activities combined take up 50% of people’s online media time.


Life at We Are Social in London

by Tom Cauvain in News

Hi. My name’s Tom Cauvain, I’m an Account Executive and one of the new additions to We Are Social’s London office.

As Marie Cravens took us through her time so far at We Are Social in New York with Rihanna, I’m going to intersperse this London view using Alex Turner and Julian Casablancas. Apologies.

When I say new, in reality I’m one of the old guard having been here just over a month. We’re growing quickly and more and more people join every week across all our departments and accounts.

The clichéd nerves are to be expected during the first few days, but you’re soon put at ease through the team cupcake delivery on your desk and the buddy scheme that sees you wined and dined (well, up to a £20 limit) with someone in a similar role at the agency. The focus really is on ‘Social’.

I think a lot of companies, not just in advertising, can latch on to this to make their place seem super #sosocial but We Are Social definitely embodies it in the most genuine sense.

There is a real impetus on bringing everyone across the company together, irrespective of role and position, on the slopes of Innsbruck or at Lovebox festival with the entire population of Chigwell. And in the summer, with an early finish, who’s going to argue with that?

If you want to get involved on a project or there’s something that you feel particularly suits you, say so. I’ve always been one for cars and I’m fortunate enough to work on We Are Social’s Jaguar account.

As well as this, I also have a thing for sport. When the opportunity arose to combine the two on a campaign, I jumped at the chance to help out with the mechanics – and writing some of the copy. The team have been happy to support me, guiding me in the right direction, and as a result I already feel like I have their backing when pitching in on other areas.

You could also volunteer for one of the many photo-calls on the office Skype, realising the dream of your face/body/hands featuring across multiple social media channels within some lovely creative content.

As this is only my second agency, it’s probably slightly harder to comment on the differences between workplaces. However, the overwhelming consensus is that We Are Social is a great place to work and, after my first five weeks, I certainly agree. Here’s to the next five – and passing that probation period….