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The Social Media Smackdown #5

by Sophie Fitzgerald in News

Smackdown Round 5 Image

*Ding Ding* Round 5. The bell is ringing for the fifth round of our Social Media Smackdown series in London. We have a knock out line up of HSBC, Sony Playstation and F&F presenting at the event, going head to head with an overview of their most recent social media successes and learnings in front of a brand only audience.

Each brand will give a punchy ten minute presentation, which will be followed by three intimate roundtable discussions giving attendees a chance to ask the presenters questions about their work and their wider social media strategies.

It will take place on Tuesday 28th October at We Are Social’s London office in Farringdon, commencing at 8:30am sharp after the audience has been fuelled with hipster coffee and breakfast butties.

If you work for a brand and would like to come along next Tuesday, please email me, Sophie FitzGerald, and I’ll sort you out with a ticket.

We look forward to seeing you there!



We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #233

by Nick Mulligan in News

Teenagers like, totally hate Facebook
Facebook looks set to join pogs and yoyos (does this blog post make me look old?) on the teenage scrapheap. A survey by finance folk Piper Jaffray has found that only 45% of teens admitted to using the network this autumn, compared with 72% in spring. There’s certainly fear that, if trendsetters deem the network ‘uncool’, their friends will follow (and where they go, so will the marketers). Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna strap my Heelys on and head over to Tumblr.

Organic Facebook reach keeps plummeting
Adobe, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, has released its Q3 2014 report, finding that its clients have seen a 50% drop in organic reach over the course of the year, while paid impressions have increased just 5%. The company predicts that paid will grow another 10% to 20% in Q4, as marketing budgets increase for Christmas. To those of you that like graphs/hate words, here’s that story reworked for your benefit.


More video views on Facebook than YouTube
Facebook has, for the first time, surpassed YouTube for number of desktop video views. The social network snuck past its rival by a cheeky billion (12.3bn views vs. 11.3bn from July 2013 to August 2014), aided in part by its autoplay functionality. Marketers are making up part of this trend, as suggested by Socialbakers figures released last week; between May and July 2014, there was a 50% jump in the number of videos uploaded directly to Facebook from content marketers.

Kotak Mahindra creates Facebook money transfer
India’s Kotak Mahindra bank is allowing customers to send payment through Facebook, using their username and password. The ‘bank agnostic’ transfer system works with 28 different banking partners.

Facebook stickers available for comments
Facebook stickers are being rolled out to all post comments (timeline, groups and events), where previously they’ve been available only on Messenger. Below you can see how people might use them to talk about burgers, if they forgot the word for burger.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 16.07.54

Audio comes to Twitter
Twitter has added sound. The new Audio cards have already been used by a number of pages, including NASAThe White House and, erm, David Guetta.

Tweets from people you don’t follow in your timeline
You may have noticed tweets in your timeline from people you don’t follow. Well, Twitter has confirmed that the feature, with which they’ve been experimenting, is now a full part of the service. The network said:

When we identify a Tweet, an account to follow, or other content that’s popular or relevant, we may add it to your timeline. This means you will sometimes see Tweets from accounts you don’t follow. We select each Tweet using a variety of signals, including how popular it is and how people in your network are interacting with it. Our goal is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting.

Snapchat shows its first ad
Snapchat has entered the advertising game. Last week, it announced that this would be the case, before releasing the first advert over the weekend: a snap for upcoming horror flick ‘Ouija’.


The message showed up in users’ ‘recent updates’ feed, where we’ll expect to see any other ads in the near future. Asked about the reasons behind advertising, Snapchat said:

We need to make money.

Fair enough guys, it’s almost payday. We’ve all been there.

G+ is going nowhere
Google+ is staying with us, at least for the foreseeable future. Google’s new head of social media, David Besbris, has said that the company plans to remain in social for ‘the long haul’, so don’t go deleting your account just yet.

Skype creates a rival to Snapchat
Skype has launched a video messaging app, called Qik, which is the latest in a list of ‘Snapchat rivals’. Users can send video messages to their friends via the purely mobile app – each of these can last up to 42 seconds. Jokes on a postcard, Douglas Adams fans.


KLM is #happytohelp
Dutch airline, KLM, used the hashtag #happytohelp for a week-long customer service campaign, in which they used Twitter to help travellers, whether or not they were KLM customers. The aid took many forms, from personalised videos to a boat for skipping JFK-bound traffic.

McDonalds planning a cool 14,500 Facebook pages
Yes, McDonalds wants to have 14,500 Facebook pages by 2015, including one for every restaurant in the US. The goal is “real time” interaction with consumers.

Wyke Farms trademarks ‘Free Cheese Friday’
Wyke Farms has become the first brand to register a trademark based on the success of a social campaign. It’s been using ‘Free Cheese Fridays’ to give out, well, you can probably guess. So now NOBODY ELSE can give out dairy products on Fridays. It all sounds like a laugh, but you didn’t spend your weekend trying to find a use for 14kg of Stinking Bishop.

Social media and the Scottish referendum
Social media was more influential than its mainstream counterpart in influencing decisions around the Scottish independence referendum. According to YouGov research, 39% of voters were influenced by something they saw on social, compared with 28% for mainstream media. Poor old Alex Salmond clearly doesn’t have enough Facebook friends.

#IamSocial: Experiencing editorial

by Alex Milic in News

Hey there, I’m Alex. I’m the other graduate here at We Are Social on the #IamSocial grad scheme. After battling through the ‘social application process’ and attending the assessment day, Rhoda and I finally made it onto the inaugural scheme. Tidy.

It’s time to fill you in on rotation two of the graduate scheme. This week I’ve been hurling myself too fast down slides, trying out Google Glass, accidently sending embarrassing all work emails about James Blunt and reviewing the buffet spread at Google HQ.

Processed with Moldiv

Rhoda and I rocking out Google Glass

Along with all this, I’ve been surrounding myself with all things wordy as I complete my second placement in the editorial department.

What is Editorial?
Good marketing has always required great copy, and social media is no exception. The editorial team here at We Are Social heads up anything and everything word based, so as you’d expect, the past two weeks have been jam packed with all things content.

Every morning the editorial team meet up for a newsroom where they discuss the latest news and trends and try to find stories that may be relevant for our brands. Then, it’s time to get down to business. This week I’ve been working with the team to create a full months’ content calendar for one of our brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This requires tailoring content to a specific brands guidelines and voice, which can be tricky but also incredibly fun.

During my time here in editorial I’ve also been involved in creating social calendars for use between all our brands as well as getting involved in a plethora of brainstorm sessions as we start gearing up coming up for the festive season.

Google HQ and all the other stuff
This week I also got the chance to visit the Google offices – exciting for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that I got to chow down at the fabled Google canteen.


In my head I looked cooler here.

The Google offices are incredible. They’ve got sleep pods, gyms with views across the whole of London and food everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Googlers are never more than 150 ft from food- dangerous for a food lover such as myself. Whilst there we even got to play about with Google cardboard which I highly recommend checking out.

In the last couple of weeks I also went along to Jaguar’s Invictus Games and the annual We Are Social’s Social Media Week pub quiz at Ticketmaster HQ in Angel.

The Social Media Week pub quiz was a great night and if you missed it, you missed out. The venue also has a slide, so this is how I made my entrance:

After two content packed weeks of editorial and attending loads of awesome events it was time for the monthly company meeting, where the whole London team gathers together with a couple of beers and goes through what’s been happening over the last month.

They also give out a ‘We Are Winning’ and ‘EPIC Fail’ award, the latter of which I unfortunately won for accidently sharing my top five James Blunt songs with the ENTIRE company. Not ideal, no one wants to be known as ‘that bloke that loves James Blunt’.


It’s been a mad couple of weeks and I’ve loved my time here in editorial. I’m now off to spend some time crunching the numbers with Research and Insight; Excel skills- don’t fail me now.

What we’ve learned this week
Normally we reserve this last part of the blog for the five top things we’ve learned this week, instead, I’ve decided to share with you my top 5 James Blunt songs along with a running commentary of why they are in my top 5- enjoy.

1) 1973 – Unbelievable tune.
2) Wise Men – Sadly underrated.
3) Bonfire Heart – The Blunty equivalent of a fist bumping anthem.
4) Goodbye my lover – Wail it at the top of your lungs.
5) You’re Beautiful – Wouldn’t be a Blunty top five without it

The Best Digital/Social Agency in the World

by Robin Grant in News Google+


September came to an exciting end for the team here at We Are Social. After having picked up the Holmes Report’s EMEA Digital Agency of the Year and Best Multinational Agency to Work For accolades back in May, we were delighted to hear that we also picked up the publication’s award for the ‘Best Digital/Social Agency in the World’.

With strong competition from the likes of Social@Ogilvy, Edelman and W20, our teams from all over the world are honoured to have been selected for an award that recognises how we’re making an impact across the globe. As The Holmes Report’s Arun Sudhaman writes:

Once known best for its European strength, the firm has built credible offerings in Asia-Pacific and the US, with new business coming from the likes of HSBC, Mondelez International, Panasonic and Red Bull. We Are Social’s creative excellence continues to impress, with campaigns delivering both critical praise and commercial results.

However, that wasn’t the end of our run of good news. We also picked up the ‘Digital Agency of the Year’ title at The Grocer Marketing & PR Awards – a reflection of all the fantastic FMCG work produced for clients such as Heinz, evian and Heineken in the last 12 months.

This, on the back of having already picked up Brand Republic’s Digital Agency of the Year, runner up in Ad Age’s International Agency of the Year and a two-star accreditation from Best Companies, means 2014’s success has already surpassed all our expectations.

It’s not just the agency itself that’s has been picking up trophies recently – our work has been recognised too. Recently, our #LoveJu campaign for Juventus was awarded Best in Class Winner, Social Content and Gold Winner, Experimental/Innovative on Social Media at the global W3 Awards and Gold, Social Media, at the ADCI Awards

Meanwhile, Tweet & Shoot for BNP Paribas continued its huge run of success over the last year with a Webby Award for Social & Content Marketing, evian’s Live Young January campaign picked up Best Use of Social Media at the Dadi Awards and first place at the IAB Creative Showcase. Grow Your Own for Heinz added to its awards tally with Social Media Strategy of the Year at The Drum Marketing Awards.

All of this awards success is an amazing achievement for our team around the world, and shows how We Are Social has become a truly global phenomenon. And with work from offices including Sydney, London and Milan currently shortlisted for more accolades, and having tied up some amazing campaigns in recent months, I’m pretty confident we’ll have a lot more good news to celebrate before the year is out…

The profile of Pinterest users

by Deniz Ugur in News

A recent GlobalWebIndex study analysed the demographics and attitudes of Pinterest users. It found that almost two-thirds of users are in 16-34 age bracket and there are more women than men on the platform.

A third of Pinterest’s total user base comes from America, followed by China at 14% and India at 13%. The report also shows almost all Pinterest users have a Facebook account and over 80% are highly active on YouTube, Google+ and Twitter.

13th-Oct-2014 Pinterest