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Awarded at the international Cristals

by Lauren Underwood in News

This week, the Cristal Festival took place in Courchevel, France. An international summit, it celebrates the best work in media and advertising globally, and is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies held in Europe.


Some of our best work from the last year for clients like Netflix, adidas and Renault was in contention at the awards, with a shortlist of 11 campaigns across Sports Marketing, Digital & Mobile, PR and Branded Content categories. With competition from the likes of Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Iris Worldwide and Isobar, the standard was looking very high.

First up, earlier this week, was the Sports Marketing category. We’d been shortlisted for our two World Cup campaigns for adidas – #allin or nothing, the overall World Cup social strategy, in Best Use of Social Media and Brazuca, our campaign to bring the World Cup ball to life on Twitter, for Best Use of Humour.

We were delighted when Brazuca was awarded a Sapphire (the Cristal’s equivalent of a Silver) – and #allin or nothing picked up a Cristal (a Gold). Not only that, but #allin or nothing was deemed the stand-out campaign within Sports Marketing this year, and was awarded the overall Grand Prix.

Next up were the PR Cristals, where all three of our shortlisted campaigns picked up an award. In Best Use of Social Media, Brazuca picked up its second accolade with a Sapphire, and Netflix’s Spoiler Foiler was awarded the Emerald (a Bronze).

Our Paris office was also successful in the PR category, with an Emerald in Products for Undress New Twingo for Renault.

To close off the week, last night the Digital & Mobile awards were announced. Here, we had four shortlisted campaigns for adidas and Netflix. Our week finished on a high when Spoiler Foiler was awarded both a Silver in Innovative Use of Social & Community and a Gold in Culture & Entertainment.

It’s been a huge week for We Are Social, rounding off an amazing year where we’ve produced our best ever work and made a big impact globally. 2014 is going to be a tough year to beat – but we’re looking forward to the challenge.

BNP Paribas’ Virtual T-Break

by Camille Jouneaux in News Google+

Last month, BNP Paribas hosted the BNP Paribas WTA Finals in Singapore, which featured the world’s best female tennis players including Martina Navratilova, Serena Williams and Simona Halep.

During the tournament, BNP Paribas wanted to offer a special, different experience for its VIPs- something its guests would have never experienced before. It needed to highlight BNP Paribas’ commitment to both innovation and tennis through its We Are Tennis brand.

We Are Social was asked to help the bank achieve its goal. Our solution was the Virtual T-Break: a digital tennis game with futuristic gameplay using leap motion technology. Our Paris team worked closely with our colleagues in Singapore to create the experience, with our global presence proving a big asset in delivering the event.

The big day arrived, and before watching the tennis stars in action, guests arrived at BNP Paribas’ hospitality area, ready to get to grips with some tennis of their own. After registering with their LinkedIn accounts, guests could approach and challenge each other to a tennis match, or a team on site could help pair up opponents.

Players could use their hands to exchange tennis shots, using leap motion technology to capture gestures and translate them digitally on the tennis screen. Throughout the match we spiced things up a little with added bonus rounds and unexpected obstacles.

At the end of each game, opponents could connect with each other and exchange contact details via LinkedIn or Twitter, by virtually signing their signatures on the screen.

Following the collaborative, synchronised efforts between We Are Social offices in Paris and Singapore, Virtual T-Break turned out a huge success. Over seven days we helped more than 1,500 BNP Paribas VIP customers connect with one another, and reinforced We Are Tennis and BNP Paribas’ passion for innovation and commitment to first class hospitality.

#SecretSantaSacrifice: Supporting Age UK

by Rhoda Sell in News

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 12.06.08

Secret Santa, the long-standing office tradition of buying awkward novelty gifts for someone you don’t really know. This year we wanted to find a better way for you to spend that fiver and do a Christmas good deed. And so we created #SecretSantaSacrifice.

The idea stemmed from our ‘Innovation for Good’ principle, ensuring that when we put time and money into developing ideas outside of client briefs, we also try to make a positive difference.

We were looking for a seasonally apt cause to lend our help to. And we found a good one. We learned that fuel poverty means older people can find Christmas a difficult time. Age UK estimate about 1.7 million elderly people in the UK are unable to afford to turn the heating on, and over a third say that to save money they have to live predominantly in one room of the house. Each winter one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold – that’s more than 200 deaths a day.

We found these figures pretty shocking. We hope #SecretSantaSacrifice can start to change them.

So this Christmas, we’re encouraging colleagues, friends or just anyone who wants to make a positive difference this winter to get involved. It’s easy, just visit and select a gift from our range of virtual tat (think turkey hats and novelty pants!). Donate the the price to Age UK and send your Secret Santa recipient a gift certificate via Facebook, Twitter or email.

We’ve already had an amazing response and we’re delighted about all the support we’ve received so far.

It’s not too late to get involved. The more people who join in, the more older people we can help. So come on – give up that Secret Santa £5, and do something good this Christmas!


Spoiler Foiler wins at Eurobest

by Rory McClenaghan in News

TV consumption is changing; we now watch what we want, when we want. But with that freedom comes the risk of seeing irritating spoilers on social media before you’ve watched the latest episode of your favourite show.

This was the inspiration for Netflix and We Are Social’s Spoiler Foiler campaign, which picked up a huge accolade this month, winning bronze in the Interactive: Publications & Media category at the Eurobest Awards – one of the biggest awards celebrating the best in digital, print and outdoor campaigns in Europe.

Netflix Spoiler Foiler Picture 4

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, it’s likely you’ll already know about Spoiler Foiler. When the hugely anticipated final episodes of the show arrived on Netflix UK & Ireland last year, spoiler fear was rife. According to The Drum, 17% of tweets relating to Breaking Bad were urging people not to post spoilers on the platform.

We needed a solution which would turn spoiler fear into Netflix love. Enter Spoiler Foiler, an app that made Twitter safe for Netflix customers by blacking out any tweets containing Breaking Bad spoilers.

Netflix Spoiler Foiler Picture 2

People could sign in with their Twitter login details at to block out any potential spoiler threats, and carry on following their feed without fear.

A single tweet from Netflix UK was enough to spread news of Spoiler Foiler across the globe, generating a storm on social media and masses of positive press for Netflix. With no PR push whatsoever, Spoiler Foiler featured in a host of publications: from Variety to Huffington Post, Fast Company to Mashable.

Engagement on that introductory tweet rocketed to 7% – that’s 500% higher than the industry average. Spoiler Foiler content on Facebook saw 2,000 times more engagement than the industry average.

Spoiler Foiler was so successful that we couldn’t stop there. Due to huge demand from Netflix customers, we expanded it to work for House Of Cards spoilers as well. Now over 100,000 people have been saved from the dreaded spoiler.

Netflix and We Are Social are delighted to have been recognised in Europe’s most prestigious advertising awards, proving that great social thinking can lead to a campaign that provides real value for consumers, creating lots of Netflix love along the way.

We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #241

by Nick Mulligan in News

Facebook’s new CTA buttons for pages
Facebook has added several call-to-action buttons for page owners: book now, contact us, use app, play game, shop now, sign up and watch video. Dollar Shave Club, which has been using the functionality in beta, has said that it saw a 2.5x higher conversion rate in a three-week test, and that’s in a cutthroat market. You know, because they make razors.


Facebook updates publishing and insights tools
Facebook has added a set of new publishing tools and insights. The first is ‘interest targeting’, which allows pages to target content to subsets of fans who also ‘like’ other pages. Secondly, ‘post end date’ allows page owners to set a point when time-sensitive posts will disappear and, finally, there’s ‘smart publishing’, which means that popular links to your website will automatically show up in your fans’ News Feeds. For insights, the network has added URL-level reporting that shows when pages/influencers share a post and fixed a bug that was undercounting iOS traffic. Phew. That’s a lot of updates.

Facebook updates search tools
Facebook has made a couple of announcements about search. First of all, it’s updated Graph Search to make it easier to find specific posts; users can search, for example, the name of a friend and ‘wedding’ to see photos from the event.


Secondly, the network announced that it’s dropped Bing as its primary search partner, ahead of plans for a rumoured new search tool. Facebook is currently not showing web results at all, using its search tool to focus on locating content from within the network.

Zuckerberg appears in live Q&A
Mark Zuckerberg hosted a live Q&A last week, in which he answered questions about his plans for Facebook. The CEO discussed his reasons for opposing a ‘dislike’ button, plans to explore ways to express diverse emotions and the value of connecting with people on social media, amongst other things. If you want to find out his views on privacy, use of real names and pizza toppings, you can read the full transcript here.

Instagram and Twitter discuss the future
Instagram announced last week that it has overtaken Twitter in terms of users – 300 million to its rival’s 284 million. It has also mentioned plans to bring in verified accounts and purge fakes, in line with an interview given by CEO Kevin Systrom in Adweek, where he discussed the platform’s future. Particularly notable were his ideas to bring Instagram to ‘everyone with a phone’ and explore ‘new areas of communication’, like Hyperlapse. Twitter’s response? Well, co-founder Ev Williams ‘doesn’t give a shit’ about who has more users. So there you go. He’d prefer we look at Twitter as its own product and discuss its impact on the world, arguing that Twitter is what they wanted it to be when they set out.

Twitter upgrades Tailored Audiences
Twitter launched its Tailored Audiences product back in 2013. Don’t worry, we’re not just reporting that now. The platform has just updated the feature to include data from mobile apps, meaning that advertisers can target ads within Twitter based on data from other mobile apps. Smashing.

LinkedIn redesigns homepage
LinkedIn has changed its homepage layout, placing analytics and News Feed at the front and centre. Don’t worry if you haven’t got it yet, it’s being rolled out globally as we speak. Or rather, as I type and you read. Hi.

LinkedIn new layout

Ronald McDonald goes skydiving
Big news, clown haters! Someone just got Ronald McDonald to jump out of a plane. Don’t worry, human lovers! It’s all part of a marketing stunt for McDonald’s, which posted the video on its Instagram page.

Lowe’s plays around with native tools
Lowe’s is experimenting with native tools on Vine and Instagram to spice up its inspirational videos. It’s used Vine’s ‘tap to pause’ to fit step-by-step videos into six seconds, and taken to Hyperlapse to post start-to-finish ideas videos on Instagram.

evian’s outfit grids
We Are Social has launched a campaign to promote evian’s new ‘Kenzo’ bottle, tapping into the ‘outfit grid’ trend across social media. You can see one of the rather satisfying tessellations below.


Auto Trader makes cars out of Lego
Would you like your car to be made of Lego? Sorry, a model of your car. If so, get over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and post a picture using #DrivenByMe to enter the latest Auto Trader competition.

We Are Social creates #SecretSantaSacrifice for Age UK
We Are Social has designed #SecretSantaSacrifice on behalf of Age UK, which asks people to replace the novelty office gift with a £5 donation to keep the elderly warm at Christmas. We Are Social’s own Charlie Cottrell discussed the campaign in the Drum:

No-one actually likes doing the office Secret Santa – it’s a mandated waste of £5 on novelty items that goes in the bin five minutes later. There are much better causes we could be spending our money on, one of which is making sure older people are warm this Christmas. Age UK is brilliantly set up to reach the most vulnerable people, and we hope that any support we can offer them will make a real difference to older people during the winter.

Boots bring #SpecialBecause to the physical universe
High street pharmacist Boots has been encouraging social media users to nominate people who are special to them using the hashtag #SpecialBecause. It’s since taken to visiting these people in the real, non-online world and is sharing a set of 60-second videos.

Twitter goes loopy for breakfast cereal
French Toast Crunch has returned! I’d actually never heard of it, because my parents wouldn’t let me have sugary cereal as a child, but then this isn’t all about me so maybe it’s time to move on. Twitter users had been campaigning for yonks, and have since taken to the network to say thanks… and ask for some other comebacks.

Now that I’m a grown up, I’m off to gorge myself on Coco Pops. Enjoy the rest of your Monday, people.