Top Facebook Pages in the UK, Dec ’12

by Robin Grant in News Google+

Socialbakers have just released their top Facebook Pages in the UK December 2012 report. The report delivers the rankings of the most popular, engaging and responsive UK brand and media pages on Facebook, along with the top 3 most engaging individual posts from UK pages this month. For the first time they’ve included Global pages alongside local UK pages, ranked by their UK fan count.

Top Facebook Pages in the UK, Dec ’12

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  • Ben Tattersall Smith

    Missing many top UK pages: X Factor, Top Gear, Britain’s Got Talent, I’m A Celebrity, Eastenders all have over 1 million likes but are missing from the top 10 pages.

  • Richard Stacy

    I have been talking to Jan Rezab at Socialbakers about this, because simply measuring ‘engagement’ is useless until we have proven that the ‘engagement’ we are seeking to generate is actually worth anything.  It is also interesting to note that most of Socialbakers’ reports prove that  freebies, competitions and promotions are the most ‘effective’ FB posts – but just because promotions are the most effective FB use doesn’t mean that the most effective use of FB is for promos – albeit this form of FB measurement encourages this mindset. 

    Just because we can measure ‘engagement’ in FB does mean that we should.  Personally, I think the concept of creating ‘engaging content’ is a waste of time – because you can never create enough scale (in social) to make this engaging enough.  Social media is a low reach, high engagement form of media.  Traditional media is high reach, low engagement.  There is no point in putting content (even so-called ‘engaging content) in a low reach media – you have up the value stakes considerably and create ‘engagement’ that ranks on against a social scale of measurement.