The 2012 Facebook Advertising Report

by Cai Yu Lam in News

Social Fresh have released a report detailing how Facebook advertisers use the platform. 70% of ads keep users on Facebook, instead of re-directing them to a brand’s website. Surprisingly, 55% of advertisers do not use sponsored stories, which are social ads that you should supposedly be more inclined to click on because it reflects the interactions your own friends have had with the advertised brand. As in traditional advertising, advertisers on Facebook are still most concerned about targeting specific demographics, as 55% of those surveyed select “age” as the most important ad criteria.

The 2012 Facebook Advertising Report

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    If you are going to keep people that click your ad on Facebook, you better have a good Facebook page.  Your website should still be the hub of all online marketing efforts.  The goal of a Facebook page should be to get people over to your website to convert.  

  • Lam Cai Yu

    Hey Nick, 

    I understand why you feel that advertisers should be driving people to their websites rather than to their Facebook pages, but I think brand objectives are changing. A company website is a great platform for providing comprehensive information, but you can’t disagree that a Facebook page is more involving and aims to capitalise on the aspect of “social”. Brands can better engage with their consumers on Facebook, and more and more companies are beginning to realise the potential and benefit that nurturing and sustaining enduring conversations on their Facebook page can bring to the brand in terms of loyalty, and subsequently retention and conversion, as you pointed out.

    But of course you are right in the sense that companies need to have a good Facebook page, especially one that fully utilises functionalities such as Facebook apps which can ultimately drive traffic back to your website if you  use it the right way.


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