The time spent on social networks

by Robin Grant in News Google+

A nice infographic from Statista looking at the time spent on different social networks by US internet users:

Time spent

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  • Bruno Pierre Gebarski

    It has been already a long time since we reached the level of Digital Idolatry and probably those pagan deities would have been most likely created in Babylon already where our ancestor Abram (to become Abraham) was living at the time! Babylonian Paganism would have taken care of that! At least one Idol for Facebook, one for Twitter and probably many more coming: Pinterest may be? Should we put those on the idol’s lists or the false gods lists?
    I’m a little bit skeptical with this tsunami of infographics lately; however I trust that the data provided here is sound and reliable as I do respect and appreciate your website and its content: again thank you for sharing! @brunogebarski

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Obviously Facebook is the giant in social media, but that doesn’t mean that the other networks should be ignored.  It depends on your target audience and social media goals.  Google+ has search implications, so even though the usage isn’t as heavy as Facebook’s, it’s still necessary to get involved.  

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