Adprovising: Agile marketing made easy

by Robin Grant in News Google+

There were almost too many great talks at SXSW this year, but this one was easy to share, so, I’m sharing it. Hyper Island’s Tim Leake gave a great, thought provoking talk on Adprovising: Agile marketing made easy:

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  • simonsanders

    Some inspiring slides in there. 

    Interesting to see that at this stage in the mass-marketing era (advertising from “one-to-many”) that a return to “one-to-one” and messages, albeit then amplified through social media, has the ability to mean something, to resonate with us. There are some nice examples in here – e.g. the Honda. 

    We appreciate “brand values” when the brand shows what it values <<  its customers; when it takes the opportunity not just to say what it is, but what it stands for.