Social Media Revolution 2011

by Robin Grant in News Google+

The latest video from Socialnomics, who have previously brought us Social Media Revolution and Social Media Revolution (take 2).

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    “the child actor had never seen Starwars” – shocking. I feel old.

    This is pretty. One of the better “wow, social media is huge” videos. Which is a good thing, as that conversation is getting a little old now.

  • jonathan armstrong

    There is already a version2 of this video online.  Things moving fast did someone say?

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    Thanks for the video

  • Anonymous

    Interesting video. Where are the stats from?

  • Jamie

    You guys were a bit slow on the uptake of this vid, it’s been kicking around for days. V3 was almost launched! 

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    very intteresting) thanks a lot!

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  • Robin Grant

    Hey Jonathan – I haven’t spotted it yet – where can I find it?

  • Robin Grant

    ZOMG! Thank god for Operation Crossbow…

  • Erik Qualman

    Glad you like the videos! Thanks also for supporting my books – really appreciate it. I hope to have some time to do a few more videos in the coming weeks – especially as I’m writing the last chapter of my next book which should free up some time.

    If you guys ever find yourself in Boston hopefully we cross paths!


  • Robin Grant

    Hey Erik – thanks for dropping by.

    I will be keeping an eye out for the new videos and I’ll drop you a line if I’m ever in Boston (and if you’re ever in London, do let me know!).

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