Heinz limited edition Facebook launch

by Sarah Oliver in News

Heinz Tomato Ketchup limited edition Facebook launch

We’re really excited to be working with Heinz on the launch of the first ever limited edition Heinz Tomato Ketchup. As a thank you to its 45,000 UK Facebook fans for being such passionate advocates of the brand, this morning at 9am we made the first 3,000 bottles of the limited edition ketchup with balsamic vinegar available exclusively through a F-commerce app which we’ve developed on the Heinz Tomato Ketchup UK page. Head over to get yours before they’re gone!

This is a double Facebook first – the first time a food product has been exclusively launched via Facebook, and the first time branded food products have been sold via Facebook in the UK. It follows the blossoming of the Heinz Tomato Ketchup UK Facebook community (you really haven’t seen an engaged community until you’ve spent some time with them), which we’ve been nurturing since its inception in September last year.

We’ve also invited a selection of Heinz Ketchup-loving food bloggers the opportunity to receive a special bottle of the limited edition before it goes into shops. Each of the bloggers we’ve outreached to will be one of the 57 influencers to receive the product (in honour of the famous Heinz 57 Varieties), who also include top UK chefs and other VIPs.

If you’re not one of the lucky few who gets your hands on a bottle, fear not. We’re hosting a breakfast tomorrow here at We Are Social (Tuesday 8th March) between 8.30-10.30am. So if you’re in the Clerkenwell area, pop down and be the first to try this new limited edition ketchup on a sausage bap with a freshly brewed coffee. The remaining 997,037 bottles won’t be available to the general public until 23rd March, when they will be sold in Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Asda.

Update: Nice write-ups of the launch from Social Commerce Today and Corporate Eye.

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  • http://www.michele.me/blog/ Michele Neylon

    The SSL cert on the Facebook app isn’t setup correctly.

  • Anonymous

    This is due to running the payment process entirely within Facebook and taking into account Facebook’s restrictions. The credit card entry page is completely secured; it is an HTTPS Sagepay page embedded within an iframe within the Facebook app, and all users details are encrypted and kept completely secure.

  • http://jamespoulter.co.uk James Poulter

    My thoughts here – would be good to know if I was right on the reach / cost thing!?

  • http://www.michele.me/blog/ Michele Neylon

    Oh give over. There is no way that you can possibly excuse anything as fundamental as getting the SSL to work properly. Either you set it up properly or you don’t. That kind of error is going to lead to a very high percentage of potential buyers not actually completing the purchase.

  • Anonymous

    The SSL issue and question about date of birth aside, hopefully the payment gateway will start working for me soon…

  • http://jamespoulter.co.uk James Poulter

    Some additional things to increase conversion:

    Auto pull name / email / phone details from profile – saves data entry time
    Give people the option to auto tweet / post their purchase to their wall – just bought mine and wasn’t there!

  • Geoff Boyle

    If I wanted to steal users money, I’d probably make sure my card form was “secure” with all details encrypted as well.
    Of course, you’d know I wasn’t genuine when you got a warning that there was something wrong with the SSL cert… That’s kind of e-commerce 101.

  • http://wearesocial.net/ Sarah Oliver

    We’ve asked our technical team here to do a full review based on your comments and it does appear we experienced an issue this morning with an extra precautionary SSL certificate the technical team put on the app (not the SSL certificate relating to the HTTPS Sagepay page), which is now working correctly. The SSL certificate which validates the HTTPS Sagepay page (the payment processing section of the process) have always been and continue to be completely valid and secure.

  • http://www.michele.me/blog/ Michele Neylon

    “extra precautionary” – do you even know what you are talking about?

    The SSL cert was not valid. It was not setup correctly.
    It was not, therefore, properly secured.
    It doesn’t matter a damn whether anything on your payment processor’s system was secure or not, as users have to go via the very broken SSL part first

    Why would any “normal” user go through a purchase process fully when their web browser is practically screaming at them not to?

    This is basic e-commerce stuff. Not rocket science

    Ah well you get Heinz an honourable mention for this “fail”:


  • Anonymous

    As this offer is only targeted at people with a UK address, the Post Office PAF database should be used to autofill addresses… means a better chance of getting a usable delivery address and thus better conversion rates…

  • http://wearesocial.net/ Sarah Oliver

    Hey Michele

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment and feedback 😉

    As I’m sure you’ll be aware, there are two things to remember here:

    1. The security of people’s credit card details is handled by Sagepay, on whose page they enter their details, which has always been secure and where there always has been a valid certificate

    2. The beginning section of the app (where people entered their name/address details) has also always been secure. For a small time this morning, there was an invalid certificate on this server, but regardless of the certificate being invalid, all transactions were still encrypted via SSL.

    If you want to let me know your address, I’d be happy to send you a limited edition bottle – the mellow balsamic flavour may help you recover from this “fail”…

  • http://www.michele.me/blog/ Michele Neylon


    Well you should get bonus points for putting up with me :)

    I know what was and wasn’t secure and I hope you do as well

    I’d love to try the sauce, but as I’m not in the UK I probably don’t qualify

    In case I do my address is on http://mneylon.tel



  • Massiveballs

    what the f*ck is a ‘conversation agency’?!? a “we are here to flog you crap you don’t need in a way that subtly implies we are somehow your ‘friends’ when in fact we just want you to cough up your cash to a giant corporation while poisoning yourself and your kids while kidding you into thinking it was all your idea in the first place” agency, perhaps?

  • http://www.rapidsslonline.com/verisign.aspx Verisign SSL

    Interesting to see that the launch in uk has triggered this much response. You should have tried launching it in more areas as well. I would have loved to see the response, even though i am not a big heinz fan.

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    Heinz 57 Varieties), who also include top UK chefs and other VIPs.
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