Who’s using Twitter and how they use it

by Robin Grant in News Google+

Flowtown have produced a great infographic based on the latest Pew research looking at how American internet users use Twitter:

Who's using Twitter and how they're using it

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  • http://twitter.com/nationaltrust National Trust

    I'd love a UK/Europe version of this. Anyone know of one?

  • http://wearesocial.net Robin Grant

    Wow – the whole of the National Trust? It seems implausible that you'd fit your entirety into a blog comment… 😉

    There's no similar detailed breakdown for the UK or Europe that I'm aware of, but do look out for a couple of posts coming up here over the next couple of weeks which will shed further light…

  • Ben Carter

    Seconded the National Trust request…will be watching with interest Robin:)

  • Liz Mackintosh

    Third the request!

  • http://twitter.com/2050futures 2050Futures

    And I'd like to see that request go fo(u)rth!

  • Paul Wakefield

    Hi Robin, my point isn't about the above infographic, although I do find it fascinating, but about the opening comment you make to the whole of the National Trust…at what point should an organisation seperate out it's blogs/twitter pages into individual one's for people/department/locations within the organisation.
    eg at the moment @bellingram has only one twitter page plus one blog on our website, but should ideally have one per dept plus one each for certain key members of staff?
    Sorry, this has become uneccessarily longwinded but I'm sure you get my drift…

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  • http://wearesocial.net Robin Grant

    Hey guys. So there’s some more detail on European (and global) use of Twitter in slides 8-10 of the deck in our recent post ‘Real-time’ radically changes social media. Enjoy…

  • http://RadicalMarketer.com Radical Marketer

    This infographic could be improved in design & wording. It might mislead. But on a more important issue; Pew Report says 7% of men and 10% of woman are using twitter on their Nov. 2010 research. So the numbers are not right either. I hope Ethan from Flowtown will check the numbers when updating the infograhic.

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