The things people talk about most online

by Robin Grant in News Google+

Some great research from Synthesio, looking at the 10 things people talk about most online, based on manual classification into 40 categories of over 200 million conversations they tracked across 17 countries in a three month period.

The 10 things people talk about most online

The 10 things people talk about most online

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  • Hugh Munro

    what about the weather?

  • Ramzi Yakob

    What about pets / animals?

  • Brian Regienczuk

    What about shopping / purchases? I think the categories need a revisit or need ability to slice the data to show different views…

  • Joel Rekiel

    Politics isn't in there?

  • Denis Lirette

    is health leading because people often mention they're “sick” or things?

  • jonathanhopkins

    Um, cats surely?

  • Mark Dorey

    I'm surprised that sport only takes 8% of the chart!

  • Dave McInnes

    i´m sure it´s because everyone writes about tits, ass and cocks all the time…

  • michmski

    Thanks for sharing this, Robin, the feedback Synthesio has gotten has been great. Everyone is surprised by the results – as were we!

    Michelle @Synthesio

  • Michelle

    To answer the questions posed – we asked some of them, ourselves! :) – we don’t monitor porn at Synthesio (sorry! 😉 ), and although “weather” and “shopping” are largely present online, they weren’t in the conversations online that we studied.

    Politics is certainly among the top conversations, but unfortunately not in the top 10, although it was #2 for the largest number of sites assigned to that topic.

    Health is a worrying subject for many Internet users, especially in forums where the conversations can be quite long. The site Doctissimo, for example, is the largest French forum :)

  • your mom

    Love is lowest on the list because humanity lack it so much. I hope this planet breaks in half soon and all humans die. Nobody is worth it on this planet, only for a piece of ass