Old Spice videos viewed 11 million times

by Jordan Stone in News Google+

It had to end at some point

After the third day of activity, Isaiah Mustafa and Old Spice have bid farewell to their ‘Internet friends’ and recorded their final YouTube video. Much has been written about the campaign over the last few days (see our case study with links here), and the buzz on blogs and Twitter have been explosive.

Here at We Are Social, we were a bit curious as to what the viewing figures looked like so we had a closer look at the Old Spice YouTube Channel. This is what we found:

  • Total videos uploaded: 183
    • 12 July, 2010: 29 videos uploaded
    • 13 July, 2010: 89 videos uploaded
    • 14 July, 2010: 65 videos uploaded
  • Combined viewing figures: 10,954,096
  • Average video view (mean value): 59,858 views
  • Median value: 40,536 views (Re: Idgit | Old Spice)
  • Most watched video: 511,694 views (Re: Perez Hilton | Old Spice)

15 Most Popular Videos

Rank Video Name Views Date Uploaded Video #
1 Re: Perez Hilton | Old Spice 511,694 13-Jul-10 32
2 Re: Anonymous | Old Spice 382,728 13-Jul-10 39
3 Re: @kevinrose | Old Spice 329,258 12-Jul-10 16
4 Re: @kpereira | Old Spice 290,461 12-Jul-10 27
5 Re: rosemcgowan | Old Spice 275,472 13-Jul-10 118
6 Re: jsbeals | Old Spice 233,838 13-Jul-10 108
7 Re: @TheEllenShow | Old Spice 231,960 12-Jul-10 1
8 Re: @Gizmodo | Old Spice 199,040 13-Jul-10 110
9 Re: Starbucks | Old Spice 177,008 13-Jul-10 113
10 Re: Alyssa_Milano | Old Spice 172,294 13-Jul-10 55
11 Re: Alyssa_Milano | Old Spice 165,338 13-Jul-10 88
12 Re: wheresweems | Old Spice 157,028 13-Jul-10 115
13 Re: pandarr | Old Spice 151,069 14-Jul-10 144
14 Re: themrchris0426 | Old Spice 149,183 13-Jul-10 117
15 Re: Laiba | Old Spice 144,450 13-Jul-10 3

YouTube viewing figures are based on data collection ending 14:00 BST (09:00 EDT, 06:00 PDT) 15th July 2010
View raw data here

Among these popular videos, celebrities and key online figures standout like Perez Hilton, Alyssa Milano and Kevin Rose. The video directed at ‘Anonymous’ deserves a special mention:

According to ReadWriteWeb:

How loved has the new campaign proven to be? 4Chan, the anonymous nihilist obscene messageboard from whence sprang memes like LOLCats and RickRolling, was the subject of [Anonymous]… 4channers hate everything, especially people who talk about 4chan – which this savvy man in a towel did not do.

And now it occupies the second most watched spot, which is no small feat.

This covers off on the publicly available viewing figures (which have surely grown during the time of writing this), but there is surely so much more that can be learned from how the online audience behaved with this campaign and from the viewing behaviour on YouTube. Things like:

  • Comments – Which videos were the most discussed/engaging? Was there any discussion of purchase preference or the Old Spice product in these comments, and how can this be fed back into product marketing and development?
  • Demographics – Which audience(s) did this campaign appeal to the most? What is the age/gender make up, and the geographic spread of viewers? How does this compare with Old Spice’s target customer?
  • Sharing data – How did the Old Spice videos make their way across the web? How did videos reach secondary and tertiary audiences? What were the most important platforms in driving this reach (Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Reddit vs. Digg vs. blogs)?
  • Embed data – Who and what were the most popular / influential sources to embed the videos? What was the ratio of views on YouTube, compared to views of videos embedded elsewhere?

The opportunities for measurement are almost endless, and Wieden + Kennedy / Proctor & Gamble are sitting on some very interesting data behind the YouTube account login. We definitely hope to learn more over the coming months.

Twitter trends
Time above shown in BST, which is 5 hours ahead of EDT, and 8 hours ahead of PDT

Meanwhile Twitter over the last few days has been busy:

Twitter volumes
Twitter data collection ended 13:30 BST (08:30 EDT, 05:30 PDT) 15th July 2010, query: “Old Spice” OR oldspice

Since 13 July 2010 there’s been about 175K Old Spice related tweets, and they were broken down as follows:

Tweet types

26% were retweets, which indicates how readily people passed around the content online. Meanwhile 8% were @replies, and the overwhelming majority of those were directed at @oldspice, showing that people were quite keen to get involved (even me). The remaining ‘regular tweets’ were, by and large, people commenting about the ‘old spice guy’/’old spice man’ videos as they watched, and shared the YouTube links. A cursory read of these Tweets were found to be extremely positive, which probably comes as no surprise. A word cloud, drawn from a sample of 10,000 Tweets from 13 July – 15 July tends to support this:

The words “Old Spice” and “@oldspice” were removed from the word cloud for clarity.

It’s worth noting that words like hilarious, like, love and awesome are among the 50 most prominent words of the 157,849 rendered in the word cloud.

So what now? It appears that Wieden + Kennedy and Old Spice have created a bit of a monster, but have phased out activity while it was still fresh and universally liked. I imagine the video viewcount will continue to climb as people make their way through all 183 videos, and the Twitter buzz will likely calm down. I expect attitudes towards the brand will remain positive, though it will be really interesting to see if this translates directly into sales.

As succesful as this campaign has been however, I can’t say that I envy the people behind it… I mean, how do they top that? Naturally, we’re hoping they (or perhaps even, we) do!

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  • krusk

    It's obvious the campaign was well viewed and well liked, however, what happens next…

    What I'd like to know before I feel like we can declare this an overwhelming success:

    -What's the ROI on the videos? Surely they were costly to produce, how will it translate into sales and will the cost justify the benefit?
    -What will Old Spice do with it's new-found mass of fans? Social media success is built on long term strategies, perhaps they have one, but I'm curious to see what it is…

    Of course only Old Spice can tell us the answers, but it's up to them if they want to share or not..

    BTW-I blogged about this as well: http://bit.ly/9SiQ3L

  • http://www.digitalprescriptions.co.uk/ Jordan Stone

    Agree on all accounts.

    As you say, 'only Old Spice can tell us the answers' to questions like ROI and the long term effect on sales.

    As I noted yesterday, since the initial creative first aired in February it was very well liked online but their sales had actually declined 7% in the year ending 13 June. So I too wonder if this online push can shift units for them. Hopefully we'll find out.

  • http://www.i-boy.com/weblog/ George Nimeh

    I don't think they were costly to produce at all. Each one took about 7 minutes to make. Hosting on YouTube is free. A few people to monitor and reply. And voila. Compared to the ATL, this cost nothing other than time.

    The sales/ROI needs to be calculated across the entire campaign. If they didn't buy shelf-ends at retail (or coupon/discount) along side of the ATL and social activity, they won't make the numbers. It all has to fit together.

    In terms of what's next … I'd say the fact that they've got us all wondering is a good sign for them. And Iain Tate is too smart to just let this go. Remind me, when was the last time we talked about body wash? 😉

    This comment is now diamonds!


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  • http://scottgould.me/ Scott Gould

    Thanks for these stats guys – very useful to have. I certainly sense a good case study to draw from this!

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  • http://twitter.com/ccondray Collin Condray

    I suppose you could look at ROI by comparing this to a traditional TV commerical. How much does it cost to get a single commercial to 11 million households? I would image that the ROI looking at it this way would not be so good since it usually takes only a day or so to tape one of these.

    However, how much is the associated buzz worth? Would a traditional commercial generate a lot of Tweets, comments, links, etc. like the. The celebrities alone are pumping links to it out to their combined 15 million followers as well. How much would it cost to buy those same 5 million impressions a day from Google?

  • http://twitter.com/oliveregan Oliver Egan

    This campaign is a triumph for W+K, a “traditional' agency combining brand rigour with social media fleet-of-foot http://ideamagpie.tumblr.com/post/824066982/old…. Bravo!

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  • joshgroth

    Jordan, excellent writeup on the impression share side of the campaign.

    If you don't mind me asking, what tools were you using to pull the Twitter Trends data/graphs (Trends, Tweets, Tweet Type, & Tweet Cloud)?


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  • http://www.twitter.com/prbristolblog PRBristolblog

    Agreed sales and ROI are the bottom line in any campaign.

    Here are the sales stats:

    The statistic of the 107% sales increase over the past month comes from Nielsen, which also revealed that sales increased 55% over the past three months

    LINK here – http://mashable.com/2010/07/27/old-spice-sales/

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  • http://investinsocial.com Jason Keath

    This is the first article I read by you guys and helped me find out about your agency in general. Still is the best breakdown from the Old Spice campaign.

    – Jason

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