7 harsh realities in social media

by Robin Grant in News Google+

Bart De Waele with some excellent home truths for social media:

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  • http://twitter.com/ggheorghiu Gabriel Gheorghiu

    This applies to almost anything you decide to do, both as a company and individual.

  • http://twitter.com/donalmc Donal McCarthy

    55 f***ing slides? from people who claim to understand the internet?

  • http://www.superiorpromos.com Pablo Edwards

    Glad to see the slide in there about social media not being the savior. It is such a misconception by most, that simply putting up a facebook page and having a Twitter account will lead to instant success. Great slide show.

  • http://www.door24marketing.com Dotcomchick

    Great Presentation and so relevant. unfortuantly there are fair too many that think as soon as you open your FB & Twitter account, you'll be flooded with business. You can be successful but it takes time, work & patience.

  • http://www.virtualsocialmedia.com/social-media-marketing-optimization-services/social-media-pricing/ Social Media Cost | Rate

    very interesting slide, found it very useful.

  • http://www.culture-bank.com Gavin

    i disagree that you need to have social media in a job description – just look at what fridays have done http://www.fridoids.co.uk