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by Nathan McDonald in News Google+

Update: We’ve posted an updated case study

One of the projects we’ve been busy with recently is the launch of a new, stronger variant of Marmite for Unilever. We’re very proud to be working on such an iconic brand, and really pleased our work has been so well received by New Media Age and that it has been included in Contagious Magazine’s Most Contagious 2009.

Here’s an overview of the strategy we developed to launch “MXO” exclusively through social media by engaging with the brand’s most passionate fans. Bear in mind that the launch is still in progress – in fact you have until midnight on Wednesday 16th December to make your application to join The Marmarati.

One of the exciting parts of this project is the way we were able to use social media to help Unilever develop the recipe for the final product – hats off to the Marmite team for making this happen, and enthusiastically joining in the theatrical experience. It’s great to get brand advocates actively participating in the product development and packaging design, as well as creating content for the launch campaign. And of course getting involved in the conversation.

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  • ewan

    i love this…and i love marmite. nice work!

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  • JonClements

    Despise Marmite; love the campaign!

  • Roger

    Like the campaign a lot Nathan. Great stuff. Would be interested in metrics… How are you measuring success and how's it all going?

  • John Connell

    what a briliant idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ good stuff chaps

  • Matt Law

    Hey all, I had no idea that this was you guys. Very nice campaign idea. I saw it 'in the wild' as it were which is a good indicator of it having been a success. As one of the people who set up the original marmite fan club and in 2004, which shared some of the same features as this (encouraging demonstration of fanaticism), I would be curious as to how you worked with the pre-existing people who had joined the forum there and been involved with the testing and launch of marmite squeezy, because my one observation is that the activity was quite siloed away from the other digital materials.

    I understand that talking about websites is a bit infra dig nowadays, but I think there were several thousand fans in the fan club, even in 2006, and there is still quite a bit of activity on the forum and I didn't get the impression that the two strands were hooked together.

    However, I say this only with love, and the campaign I think has been a big success with a great creative idea. Perhaps it's time for you guys to get into the big messy integration snake pit with the rest of us?

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  • jerome

    First, let me say that I think this is great and definitely the way forward.
    However is it just me or this is just an event for some of the brand fans, which as Matt says, have been quite vocal about their love of Marmite on the web for years?
    There doesn't seem to be anything new really, apart from a nice social media integration. Or maybe I'm missing the point?
    I'd love to see metrics if you have, in term of coverage, as that will be what ultimately the make the big boys listen.
    Best, Jerome.

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  • Scott Gould

    This is exquisite. This is how I'm guiding clients too these days. Very nice!

  • temperouk

    Congrats on all the positive attention this campaign is receiving guys. From our side it was a fun one to see all the submissions coming in, thanks for working with us – Darika

  • temperouk

    Congrats on all the positive attention this campaign is receiving guys. From our side it was a fun one to see all the submissions coming in, thanks for working with us – Darika

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  • Rob Blackie

    Love this campaign – what were the overall results in terms of sales? Or is that confidential?

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